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Vendetta Festival in Denver, CO Sept. 25-27. 3 day pass for $50 !! 
12:34pm 31/08/2009
  updated info...

Vendetta Festival Tickets on Sale Now! 
06:20pm 03/08/2009

The VENDETTA FESTIVAL is a 3 day event featuring some of the best national and international artists in the Gothic, Industrial and Alternative music scene. PLEASE NOTE: The venue for Day Two is 21+. Day One and Three is 18+. Individual days can purchased also. Line-up and schedule are subject to change. More info can be found on http://www.myspace.com/vendettafestival or feel free to email us at vendettafestival@gmail.com.

Friday Sept. 25th (18+) : Hi-Dive 7 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209-1505

* Mono No Aware
* Revolution State
* Lexincrypt
* Reaxion Guerrilla
* Cursed Chimera
* The New Wave Forms

Saturday Sept. 26th (21+): BAR STANDARD 1037 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

* Terrorfakt
* C/A/T
* Cervello Elettronico
* Statik Sky
* Blackcell
* [Syndika:Zero]

Sunday Sept. 27th (18+): EXDO EVENTS CENTER 1399 35th St, Denver, CO 80205

* Hocico
* Kirlian Camera
* Rome
* Psyclon Nine
* Imperative Reaction
* Fiction 8
* End.User
* Lapsed
* Dismantled
* The Peoples Republic Of Europe
* Diverje
* Mono-Amine
* Munly and the Lupercalians
* Plastic Autumn
* Blackcentr
* Novus:UK
* Spiritual Bat
* Hardwire
* Creepsville 666
* Torso
* Requiem In Black
Hocico Autographed 666 Zip Hoodie Auction 
11:01am 03/12/2008
  For those who might be interested a Hocico Autographed 666 Zip Hoodie, please feel free to check out the auction at the following link:


Thanks and enjoy!
HOCICO "Fed up" (Moscow, 05.04.2008) 
10:08pm 08/05/2008
  since i didnt get to go to this show as others of you might not of, i decided to share!
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Hocico in Moscow! 
11:21pm 27/03/2008
  Hi, guys!

Is anyone going to visit Hocico's concert in Moscow ( 5 of April, club Tochka)? I'll be glad to come with you.
Banned Hocico video! Hocico vs. Disney! 
03:00pm 08/03/2008

Message from out of Line:
Most of you will probably wonder why the cover of the limited edition of Hocico's new album "Memorias Atrás" lists the video to "Drowning", yet you can find it nowhere on the bonus disc. We had to take the video off the master at last minute because a large US-American entertainment company was threatening to sue us due to the unauthorized usage of film footage and logos in said clip...
Rare Industrial and EBM Clothing For Sale! 
09:43am 01/10/2007
  Including rare and deleted Hocico and Funker Vogt tour clothing.

Check them all out at the following link: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZandrewhilton

Thanks and all the best.

please forgive the cross-posting
New Hocico FORUM 
03:54pm 24/07/2007
mood: hopeful

From two days there is a new Hocico FORUM in the Spanisch website HocicoSpain.com with 3 languages, Spanisch, English and German.

Don´t be shy and collaborate with the web.
A new CD single from Hocico is coming the next 10th. Agoust, calling "About a dead".

Greetings and i hope you enjoy the FORUM :)
12:01am 22/12/2006
  If you guys havnt already gotten the NEw Rabia SOrda full length CD is worth listening to!
I had to special order it here in the USA at a inde cd store. 

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Hocico Spain - Spanish Official Website 
01:11am 26/10/2006
  U can visit also the Spanish website of Hocico & leave your sign in the HS Book.
The latest news from Hocico, Dulce Liquido & Rabia Sorda are daily.

10:14pm 24/10/2006
  I just uploaded the new www.hocico.nl - feel free to check it out.
Need to remove some minor faults and add a few pages (discography and Gallery) but it'll do for a while. Enjoy!

Marco - webmaster

News on Métodos del Caos 
12:04pm 21/10/2006
  Check www.hocico.nl for more news on the forthcoming album by Erk's soloproject 'Rabia Sorda'.


PS: Will update the sitedesign soon.
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Scheduled releasedate RS Album 
06:12pm 11/10/2006
mood: busy
"Metodos del Caos", The Rabia Sorda album is scheduled for Nov 24th, 2006.
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Upcoming Shows 
12:23am 11/08/2006
  Aug 19, 2006 11PM DJ Set Tijuana MX
Sep 2, 2006 Hocico Show Mrelia MX
Sep 7, 2006 Hocico Show DF
Sep 9, 2006 Hocico Show Monterrey MX
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12:07am 08/08/2006


05:10pm 06/08/2006
  HOT NEWS - Erk's first release "Save me from my curse" is ready! Street date: August 12th 2006!


Über jemanden wie Erk Aicrag braucht man eigentlich nicht mehr viele Worte zu
verlieren. Als Frontmann der mexikanischen Hardfloor-Legende Hocico hat er die
dunkle Seite der Elektronik maßgeblich mitbestimmt, und eine Vielzahl an Nachahmern
heraufbeschworen. Nun erscheint mit Save Me From My Curse endlich die lang
erwartete Debüt seines Solo-Projektes und kaum ein Debüt hat schon bei seiner
ersten Ankündigung solche Wellen geschlagen. Rabia Sorda klingt vertraut und doch
ganz anders. Hocico-Fans können beruhigt sein, wenn sie hören, dass der Meister
nichts von seinem Biss und seiner rohen Energie verloren hat, und auch auf Save
Me der Stimmenverzerrer gerne und oft zum Einsatz kommt, während die Beats und
Sequencer es ordentlich Rummsen lassen. Auch die B-Seite, A Perfect World,
verbindet auf perfekte Weise Aggression mit Ohrwurmcharakter. Wo der Sound bei
Hocico jedoch in klar abgesteckten Bahnen verläuft, lässt Erk bei Rabia Sorda seiner
musikalischen Kreativität freien Lauf. So mischt er Ethno-Einflüsse, treibende
Achtziger-Melodien und eine gewisse punkige Rotzigkeit unter seinen elektronischen
Molotov-Cocktail, und auch der Gesang darf die Bahnen des reinen Gekreisches
verlassen. Rabia Sorda ist ein Hardfloor-Eighties-Electro-Punk-Bastard, mit dem Erk
Aicrag seinen Nachahmern zeigt, wo der Hammer hängt und sich selbst mit
Lichtgeschwindigkeit in eine neue musikalische Ära katapultiert. Musik, die spannend
und vielschichtig ist, und gleichzeitig voll auf die Zwölf gibt. Mögen seine
Epigonen sich doch ewig an den gleichen Sounds festkrallen Rabia Sorda hat die
Segel in Richtung Zukunft gehisst, und schwimmt damit allem Stumpfsinn davon. Save
Me From My Curse wird ergänzt durch zwei knallige Remixe von UnterArt und den
schwedischen Electro-Clash-Newcomern, Ashbury Heights. Die CD ist limitiert auf 1000
Stück und handnummeriert!!! (VÖ: 12.08.06)

English version:

Someone like Erk Aicrag does not require a large scale introduction. As the lead
singer of Mexican Hardfloor legend Hocico, he helped shape the history of Dark
Electro and has spawned numerous copycats. Now, finally, the debut of his solo
project Rabia Sorda, Save Me From My Curse will hit the shops and there was
seldom a debut that stirred up so much attention upon the first announcement of its
release. What does it sound like? Rabia Sorda sounds familiar and yet also very
different from all that you would have expected. Hocico-fans can rest assured that,
on the title track, the master has lost none of his energy and bite and distorted
vocals and thudding beats and sequencers are also prominently featured. The b-side,
A Perfect World is another fine example that aggression and effective melody lines
do work well together. Where Hocicos sound was moving down certain distinct
pathways, Erk uses Rabia Sorda as a vehicle for his musical creativity. He, thus,
allows ethnic influences, driving Eighties-style melodies and a distinctly punky
attitude to mingle into this sonic grenade and the vocals are not restricted to
screaming all the time, either. Rabia Sorda is a vivid
Hardfloor-Eighties-Electro-Punk-bastard that bears a lesson for all of Erks
aspirers to the throne: originality is all-important. This is music that is
exciting, versatile and aggressive at the same time. The others can keep recycling
the same few sounds for years to come Rabia Sorda will leave all of them staring at
his taillights. Save Me From My Curse also features two energetic remixes, one by
UnterArt and one by young Swedish Electro-Clash-newcomers,Ashbury Heights. Limited
of 1000 copies and handnumbered!! (street date: 12. august 2006)

1. Save me from my curse
2. A perfect world
3. Save me from my curse (cursed by unterART)
4. Save me from my curse (cursed by Ashbury Heights)

SOURCE: Out of Line
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Club Paranoizia, Tijuana 
01:08pm 05/08/2006
New Fatal Rupture and Bound.org 
09:06am 09/06/2006
  well if you didn't figure it, my xml player doesn't kickstart like it used to, and that's cause I added an flash mp3 player, like the ones you see on most people's smyspaces as of late. I has a slew of new tracks and remixes by my boy Fatal Rupture from San Diego-California. He's an 'aggressive electro dark/harsh-terror ebm' artist in a whole new leage. ,and as of yet unsigned. He'll be coming out with a demo later this summer [looks like the next few weeks/by late June/early July], the songs are in high quality so you'll get a good sond out of the player and I have plenty of Bandwidth on my site :)

mp3player on http://www.myspace.com/elektrosniper

Best you listen, cause he's really fuckin good!
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Hocico live in South-America 2006 
05:59pm 06/03/2006
  Lima, PERU ­ April 1st
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA - April 4th
Santiago de CHILE ­ April 8th

(Source: www.hocico.nl)
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First official Hocico DVD 
07:14pm 27/12/2005
  The first Hocico DVD release:
A través de mundos que arden (Through burning worlds) is scheduled for March 2006.
It will contain live shows and lots of exclusive video footage.
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